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Launch date:
July 2020
Cruising distance from Earth to Mars:
More than 60 million kilometres
Cruising time from Earth to Mars:
200 days (approx.)
Arrives in Mars (“Mars Orbit Insertion”):
First Quarter 2021
Orbit shape:
Elliptical (oval)
Orbit period:
55 hours
Altitude of science orbit
22,000-44,000 km
Science operation begins:
Primary science operations duration:
Two years
Extended science operations duration:
Potential for two further years

Hope Spacecraft

The ​Hope spacecraft will be a compact, hexagonal-section spacecraft. It will be built from aluminium in a stiff but lightweight honeycomb structure and surfaced with a strong composite face-sheet. Its overall size and weight are comparable to a small car: it will weigh approximately 1,500 kg including fuel, and measure 2.37m wide by 2.90m tall.

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News & Updates

UAE takes first step to Mars mission

Signing of agreement is major event in seven-year journey, says Shaikh Mohammed.

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UAE makes plans to send unmanned probe to Mars by 2021

The UAE plans to set up a space agency and send the Arab world’s first mission to Mars – headed by Emiratis – by 2021.

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